C.O.O Message

Open Minds-A Birla School at Danapur, Patna was established on 17th Nov 2010 for providing leadership in education and research with a multidisciplinary approach to school education. The school began its journey with overall 60 students and offered schooling up to Grade 5. By 2017 the number has almost reached  to 1150 and classes up to Grade 12. Today, Open Minds-A Birla School, Patna is a leading institution of the region, known for providing excellence in school education-one that ensures quality and a promise to inculcate versatile talent in students. At Open Minds, we are committed to developing students of high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, strong moral character and creating an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students. We strongly support the interdisciplinary research and development for the benefit of industry and society. Our curriculum is activity based and research oriented that initiates a research mindset in students right from the wake of their academic career while making school education hands on, practical and enjoyable.

Open Minds is an innovative leader in providing stress free education that is interesting and joyful as well. It is my personal conviction that every single human being is unique and God has blessed everyone with a talent that is unique to one. We at Open Minds have taken upon ourselves the onus to discover that talent, nurture it and give it a proper direction. To that effect we house a dynamic student body, an incredibly committed faculty, and a loving community where the students and families get an opportunity to enrich and support each other so that the school education that students acquire is exceptionally nurturing and holistic in approach. The co-educational environment at Open Minds, Patna reflects the world in which students will one day step into in order to work and thrive. Beyond mastering academic disciplines, Open Minds students also learn to respect diverse cultures and traditions, to be honest with themselves and others, put forth maximum effort, and seek ways to support their communities.

I hope that all connected to the dreams I have for the children at open mind will continue to contribute in their own ways.

Thanks for everything.

Alok Kumar