Pre- primary wing(GT)

A pre school of ” Open minds A Birla school ” is named as globe Toters. The curriculum which is set for is leased on all the modern ways of teaching in  order to enhance the teaching  learning process. It includes three classes:-

  1.  Nursery -Age (3 – 4 year)
  2.  Kindergarten ɪ – Age (4 – 5 years)
  3.  Kindergarten ɪɪ – Age 5 – 6 years)

Best part of this section is it is thoroughly leased on the based curriculum where these tiny toddlers ratifies their curious minds through play – way learn methods. The activities that are performed:-

  1. Jungle gym
  2. Hoola Hoops
  3. Expolaration
  4. Art activities
  5. Field Trips

Children can showcase their fillet and creativity. Our classrooms are designed with different corners where children can express their imagination and creativity like:-

  1. Block corner
  2. Reading corner
  3. Art corner & much more.

Teacher preserves their valuable expression or statement through Acecdotes.


Assesment are done on basis of daily observation and it shoves overall development of a child throughout the year. In the portofolio we create memories. memories of creativity, imagination, expressions, through different activities.

  1. Physical development
  2. Personal. social and emotional development
  3. Creative development
  4. Mathematical development
  5. Eco-friendly projects